Prowlers: the 100-foot wave secret spot?

February 7, 2011 | Surfing
Prowlers: somewhere in Ireland

"Prowlers" is one of the finest secret spots in the world. A few months ago, a restricted group of intrepid and experienced big wave surfers have tested its power, in perfect wind and swell conditions.

The surf world only knew it is located off the west coast of Ireland, two kilometres far from the Cliffs of Moher. Back then, the wave was surfed by Richie Fitzgerald, Al Mennie, Andrew Cotton, Paul O'Kane, Barry Mottershead and Jeremy Johnson.

The tow-in session was led by Richie Fitzgerald. Today, the same man tells us a little bit more about the "Prowlers" wave, where the rides could reach 50 feet.

In this exclusive interview to Northcore Boardriders, Fitzgerald explains how and when the wave was discovered, how it breaks, who named it and the future of tow-in surfing in Ireland.

Would it be possible to surf a 100-foot wave off the Emerald Isle? The answer is quite simple.

"The problem of Prowlers is that it is affected by many crossing swells. It is an European big wave leader by a long shot. You just got to get the right conditions. The 100-foot wave might only happen a couple of times in the decade".

In the meantime, "Prowlers" will only be accessible to local Irish resident surfers. The wave appears as fast and deadly as it disappears in a matter of hours.

"Prowlers" is considered to be the benchmark of European big wave surfing. Check out the interview with Richie Fitzgerald.

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