Punta Galea gets Big Wave World Tour qualifying event

December 12, 2012 | Surfing
Punta Galea: big wave peak in the Basque Country

Punta Galea will host the first qualifying event of the Big Wave World Tour (BWWT). The Spanish peak will offer a wildcard for the southern hemisphere main events of the BWWT.

The Arnette Punta Galea Challenge 2012/2013 will be surfed 15 kilometres from Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain in a small city area called Getxo.

Top local surfers along side some of the best European big wave riders will be surfing for glory, 3000 euros and a ticket to one event of the Big Wave World Tour.

Joao De Macedo, Eric Rebiere, Andrew Cotton, Al Mennie, Aritz Aranburu, Eneko Acero many other big wave surfers take part in the list of competitors.

"Starting at the outside of the big wave circle riding the biggest waves possible at ones local region will gradually spiral to the core", explains Gary Linden, Big Wave World Tour director.

"This is the vision of the BWWT and we hope to be announcing more qualifying events around the World as we continue to grow".

The Punta Galea big wave breaks at the bottom of a 60-meter cliff, on the right-hand side of the Abra bay opposite Bilbao Commercial Harbor. Easily reached by boat, the spot is located less than three miles away from the Puerto Deportivo of Getxo.

The one-day event will consist of two 1h15m Semifinal heats of eight surfers each. The top two scores will be counted with the best wave being doubled.

The 1h30m final will be made up of the top four riders from each Semifinal heat battling it out for the top prize, the coveted wild card spot and 3000 euros.

Arnette Punta Galea Challenge 2012/2013 | List of Riders

Joao De Macedo
Eric Rebiere
Andrew Cotton
Pilou Ducalme
Al Mennie
Alex Bothelo
Francisco Porcella
Axi Muniain
Indar Unanue
Aritz Aranburu 
Jon Garai
Eneko Acero
Pablo Solar
Natxo González
Adur Letamendia
To Be Announced