Punta Roca gets inaugural Copa Quiksilver El Salvador

July 6, 2011 | Surfing
Punta Roca: an El Salvador surfing treasure

Punta Roca is getting ready for the first Copa Quiksilver El Salvador, a 4-Star ASP sanctioned surfing scheduled for July 6, at the idyllic righthand pointbreak of La Libertad. Latin America’s finest talents will take on the world's best surfers.

The second ASP North America event held in Latin America this year is an excellent opportunity for competitors to gain crucial points towards their ASP World Ranking.

Brian Toth, from Puerto Rico, won his first major ASP event last month when he took out the Quiksilver Clasico Mazatlan in Mexico and his confidence is still riding high entering the Copa Quiksilver El Salvador despite a stumble at the ASP Prime in Portugal.

"It’s funny how contests work because I won that 4-Star and went to Portugal after and lost first round because of an interference, but I pretty much just laughed that one off and my confidence is still riding high," Toth said.

"I’m looking forward to this next contest in El Salvador. It will be nice to be back in baggies and I’m going to be with some really good friends from back home there as well, so I’m stoked. I’m just going to have fun with this event like I did with the last one"

Toth has yet to visit La Libertad, but is hoping his native training grounds in Puerto Rico will have him well prepared for the Punta Roca’s high-performance right-handers.

"I heard it’s a right pointbreak which I’m stoked about because where I live it’s all about right pointbreaks, so I’m excited to check this new place out and have some great surfs around."

Magnum Martinez, from Venezuela, is a veteran participant in ASP Star rated events and is excited to see the growth of ASP events in Latin American territory. The natural-footer also emphasized that the event is an excellent opportunity for young Latino surfers to establish themselves among international names.

"Quiksilver has taken a great initiative in putting together a series of events in our Latin region for the benefit of all the Latin American surfers, to establish a platform for us so we can all travel within our region to ASP Star events and accumulate important points that would help us get into the top notch events the following years," Martinez said.

"Punta Roca is a great wave. Also, I noticed the contest entries have field up pretty fast and there are over a 130 guys that entered the event already. I recognize a lot of good international names on that list along with some of the best Latin American surfers, so we should expect a great level of performance"

The ASP 4-Star Copa Quiksilver El Salvador runs from July 6 through 10, 2011.