Ramzi Boukhiam is the 2012 European surfing champion

August 14, 2012 | Surfing
Ramzi Boukhiam: the European surfing champion from Morocco

Ramzi Boukhiam has been crowned the 2012 European surfing champion, at La Grande Plage of Lacanau, in France.

The surfer from Morocco secured the title after qualifying for the quarter-finals of the Airwalk Lacanau Pro Junior and watching Vasco Ribeiro finishing third of his heat in the Round of 32.

"It was another tough day today," says Boukhiam. "I managed to find two little fun rights though and got rewarded so it's cool I got first! I was told just moments before my heat that I had won the Title so I paddled out there super relaxed with absolutely no pressure".

"Vasco is my friend and we had a good fight all year, it's a little disappointing to see him lose at that stage but I'm happy for myself!", Ramzi added.

The Moroccan rider won two events in Royan and Galicia, showing consistence throughout the year. The talented goofy-footer seems to have stepped up his game in 2012.

"I think my work with Yannick and Patrick Beven, Micky Picon, and Dimitri Ouvre has helped a lot in my mental preparation", Boukhiam said.

"I've worked on physio too but I think having this super close crew around me is what makes the big difference. They've been there and know exactly what I need and it's good to learn from their experience".