Raoni Monteiro shines in great waves at the 2009 Hang Loose Pro Contest

February 12, 2009 | Surfing

2009 Hang Loose Pro

The waves moved away from the left side of the beach, but were perfect in the middle of Cacimba do Padre Beach on this Wednesday of great tubes and records in the 2009 Hang Loose Pro Contest.

Defending champion of the event, Brazilian Raoni Monteiro reached incredible 18.67 points (out a possible of 20) with a 9.00 and a 9.67 score, received in two beautiful barrels. The Brazilian Andre Silva secured a great 9.70 score and in the first heat of the afternoon Brazilian Marco Polo scored the first perfect 10 point ride of the event.

In the morning, also entered the club of the 9-points score, Brazilians Charlie Brown and the local surfer of Fernando de Noronha, Sergio Lima, with all these surfers surpassing the 9 point ride of Brazilian Krystian Kymerson reached on Tuesday, which was the record of the first two days.

"I am very happy," Monteiro said. "Noronha appears that is the place that I always have a better performance. I always get high scores in the heats and I hope to continue like this. I’m trying to do the same tactic, always moving because the waves changed a lot here, and I always try to stay away from the other surfers to not get that stress of competition for a wave, so I think I´m going well. I got two great barrels and I am very happy."

With this great presentation, Raoni earn even more confidence to win again the Hang Loose Pro Contest.

"To win here for the second time is something new and I really want to win again," Monteiro said. "I’m feeling well although without sponsorship, but this give me more motivation to try to do something that nobody has yet, win here at Fernando de Noronha two times. But I have a long way, I just pass two rounds so far."

The big surprise of the day was again Brazilian Filipe Toledo, the surfer who is only 13-years old finished in second in his heat against Brazilians Ricardo Ferreira and Bernardo Lopes. He just could not overcome the Brazilian David do Carmo, who finish in first.

"I was lucky to surf in the best time of the day, with great and high waves, I took two barrels and I am very happy," Do Carmo said. "Get barrels is my favorite think on surfing, and here in this beautiful beach, hot water, I like even more. Now I will just continue training, letting things happen."

The first five heats of the Round of 48 was rolled on this Wednesday morning until the dry tide paralyzed the event, with the return scheduled for 2:30pm. Of the three foreign surfers who still in the Round of 48, only the American Darrell Goodrum competed today and he moved to the next round with Raoni Monteiro (1st), overcoming the Brazilians Jano Belo (3rd) and Wiggolly Dantas (4th).

"I was very lucky in the end, when Jano Belo failed to turn the heat in his last wave," Goodrum said. "I saw his wave and surfing against three Brazilians is really hard, I thought I would lose, but in the end was all right. Today the waves are smaller but better. They are not closing too much, which allows a better performance in the waves."

Building the knowledge of Cacimba do Padre waves, two local surfers of Fernando de Noronha already assured their names in the Round of 24 best surfers of the 2009 Hang Loose Pro Contest. They are the Brazilians Patrick Tamberg and Sergio Lima, who got a 9.17 score and moved with Brazilian Charlie Brown to the next phase, leaving another local hero of Noronha, Caia Souza in third and out of the event.

"Despite being injured, I got good waves, good tubes, was show," Lima said. "The waves changed a lot here, so this is good for me, I’m at home and I want to continue representing the island in this event."

Brazilian Andre Silva also surfed a great wave, a 9.7 score with some judges giving a 10 points ride, the second best wave so far at 2009 Hang Loose Pro Contest.

"It was show," Silva said. "I ped on my first wave and when I get out of that tube I think would be a 10. That wave had a lot of potential to be the best of the event, but its ok, I got another really good left after this wave, so I stoked."

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