Rapid surfing: it all started in Munich's Eisbach river wave | Photo: Shutterstock

Static surfing is about to have its own competitive circuit.

WaterWorks, a company from Munich, in Germany, is preparing the launch of the Rapid Surf League (RSL), a high-performance river surfing tour held in stationary wave spots like river waves, rapids, wave machines, and surf pools.

"We came up with the idea for the name when we had to explain to American and English-speaking friends what the world's most famous river wave - Eisbach - is. So, we used the word 'rapid,'" explain the organizers.

These rapid surfers hope to expand the static surfing scene from Germany to Europe and, eventually, who knows, to the rest of the world.

That is why they decided to create three different levels of competition that may get everyone, amateurs and professionals, into the game - roots events, specialty events, and RSL events.

The first experimental events are already underway in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Roots Events: Rapid Surfing for Everyone

Roots events will take place in a natural environment, where rapid surfing has its roots.

They will be run in areas where conditions are not always perfect but allow the development of unique styles and combinations of maneuvers.

"We want to give the organizers of roots events a platform to connect with communities from other regions and share their vision with as many rapid surfers as they can," the RSL notes.

Local stars and foreign riders will be able to register for participation with each local organizer in the open formula.

River surfing: the newly created Rapid Surfing League will crown its champions | Photo: Shutterstock

Specialty/Jams Events: Expression Sessions That Reveal the Future

The RSL is also planning non-competitive jam sessions with flexible formats.

They will offer kids the chance to prove themselves in fun-oriented contests and allow people the opportunity to test innovative gear and train new tricks.

The specialty rapid surfing events aim to open the window of what's possible in the future, and they will also hand out wildcards for RSL competitions.

Depending on the format, access to a specialty event may be made either by a local tour operator or by direct invitation from the Rapid Surf League.

Rapid Surf League Events: The High-Performance Stage

Rapid Surf League events are all about high-performance surfing in standing wave environments.

In the near future, the best rapid surfers in the world will compete with each other and inspire the audience in newly developed heat and event formats.

The unique RSL competitive format will distinguish it from traditional ocean surfing events.

The goal here is to focus on rapid surfing's particular strengths, such as its proximity to the audience.

The official RSL event will debut a "cut-to-call" format that ensures that each heat will have solid demonstrations of high-end maneuvers and surfing skills, and still identify who places first, second, third, and fourth.

All rapid surfers will have to prove their adaptability skills in all wave systems, and at the end of the season, the best rider will be crowned champion.

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