RC Surfing is the new wave gadget fever

December 29, 2012 | Surfing
RC Surfing: radio controlled fun

Remote control surfing is the new hype in water sports. Did you know that there are RC surfers invading the line-up and surfing better than humans?

Can you imagine radio controlled plastic surfers having their own world tour and surfing the world's best surf spots? Meet RC Surfing, a fast-growing hype that is hitting your local waves.

The idea is simple. Transform remote controlled boats into skilful robot-surfers that can pull all tricks. Roundhouse cutbacks, snaps off the top, frontside aerials and endless tube rides. It's all possible in the world of radio controlled surfing.

This surf gadget has been conquering young and older surfers. When it's too small or too big, these fearless electric surfers are always ready to ride. No wetsuits needed.

Remote control surfers can easily cost 600 dollars. Select the action figure, the fin kit, battery, motor, radio control and surf's up. You can always customize your RC surfer by adding extras to the figure and surfboard.

In the last ten years, RC surfing has grown very fast. There are several online forums, where remote controlled surfer geeks share their knowledge and products. It is even possible to build your own electric surfer by watching videos.

These RC surfers can easily measure one meter (39.3 inches) long and a small RC surf shaping industry is also accepting orders for custom made kits. You can also find other incredible remote control toys online.