Rebel Sessions chase big wave surfers

August 12, 2011 | Surfing
Big wave surfing: not for babies

A group of photographers will be chasing the best big wave surfers in the world off the storm lashed Southern Peninsular, for 100 days, in Cape Town.

The Rebel Sessions' camera crew will seek to document ten of the best surfing days and R110 000 in prize money to the surfers photographed and filmed in these sessions.

The concept behind the Rebel Sessions is to document and reward the core surfers who ride these giant waves for the thrill of it not for fame or fortune.

The Rebel Sessions Awards window opened on July 15th. In most years, this is a very sensible time to look out for big waves around the Cape of Storms but not this time. The usually stormy South African winter has been blessed with balmy sunshine weather and average waves.

So far two promising looking swells faded as they approached the coast and each morning excited big wave surfers woke up early to check their computers only to find that the forecasters had once again downgraded the swell predictions, leaving them crying into their cornflakes.

This may be all about to change this weekend, with a solid swell forecasted to hit Cape Town's big wave spots, local surfers such as Twiggy Baker, from Durban, and Chris Bertish are waxing their boards and checking their equipment, ready to ride in the first Rebel Sessions.

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