Red alert given for the Fantastic Noodles Intense Wave Invitational 2009

August 21, 2009 | Surfing

Josiah Schmuker

We are one step closer to game on at the Fantastic Noodles Intense Wave Invitational 09 with swell forecaster Ben Matson issuing the Red Alert call to the eight lucky selected competitors!

It’s the first ever World Pro Junior Big Wave Invitational 09 and on Red Alert competitors can now start waxing their “guns”, packing their winter wetsuits and preparing themselves for some seriously challenging big surf in South Australia’s extremes.

All eight surfers know what’s brewing right now under Australia is probably the biggest swell of the year and Matson is keyed up.

"The Fantastic Noodles Intense Wave Invitational 09 surf outlook for the coming week is very exciting. A conveyer belt of deep low pressure systems moving below the Australian continent are expected to generate a sustained period of abnormally large surf. These swells will affect all of the southern states, from Western Australia, through South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania."

"Although local winds at the contest site are expected to be strong onshore for the first few days of the swell event, I'm expecting a large ridge of high pressure to move in by the middle of the week, allowing conditions to settle considerably. And fortunately, it looks like wave heights will still be quite large as conditions improve, so I'm looking forward to some quality, sizeable surf for the Intense Wave Invitational".

We now await the Green Go call from Matson who will use his skills to time this spectacle by calling the event on 48 hours in advance.

Once he calls it, it’s all go.

Boats, Jet Ski’s , Television and Webcast crews will all be activated.

The surfers flown into Adelaide the day before and then on-flown to the destination which has the way offshore bombie reef and next morning they’ll face their waves of consequence chasing an incredible $20 000 in prizemoney.

One of the world’s best big wave chargers in Paul Paterson will also be flown in to contest direct proceedings.

Stand-By for the Green Go call from Matson!

Eight of Australia and New Zealand’s top Pro Junior surfers have been notified of the RED alert and are ready to surf what are certain to be the biggest waves they have ever confronted in a contest and probably the biggest waves most have tackled in their lives.

The invited field of surfers are:

Owen Wright (NSW/Association of Surfing Professionals Australasia 2009 Pro Junior ratings leader) --- Jordi Watson (Sth Coast NSW) may replace Wright who has overseas competitive commitments.

Dean Bowen (NSW/Current Australian and World under 18 Junior Champion)

Teale Vanner (South Australia/South Australia's highest rated Pro Junior surfer)

Blake Ainsworth (Qld/Talented Gold Coast Pro Junior)

Cahill Bell-Warren (Vic/Esteemed big wave surfer from Bells Beach)

Courtney Brown (WA/Fearless big wave surfer)

Josiah Schmucker (Streaky Bay South Australian underground big wave surfer)

Sam Hawke (New Zealand, another underground surfer with big wave reputation).

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