Red Bull Magnitude: a big wave video contest for female surfers | Photo: Red Bull

The Red Bull Magnitude is a new women's big wave video competition that will crown the best female performers of the Hawaiian winter season.

The inaugural contest takes place in the Hawaiian islands from December 1, 2020, through February 28, 2021, at some of the most iconic surf spots.

Whenever waves reach 15-foot Hawaiian wave height, film crews will capture all the action at Jaws, Waimea Bay, the outer reefs of the North Shore of Oahu, and other iconic surf breaks.

Surfers also have the option to work with their own media team at any Hawaiian spot as long as the waves meet the minimum height criteria.

"This event format gives a new level of opportunity to both established big-wave surfers and the up-and-comers of the sport," says big-wave surfer Paige Alms.

"Without the time constraints of a traditional in-person event, it puts a new emphasis on local knowledge and gives us three months to pick our days and ride the best waves at the best times."

"With film crews provided for us, it removes the stress of coordinating with shooters and allows us to focus on our surfing."

The surfer with the most consistent and progressive big wave rides will take the "Overall Performance" title and $25,000.

The runner-up, as well as the best rides and biggest waves, will each receive $5,000.

Red Bull Magnitude: the women's only surf competition requires a minimum wave height of 15 feet | Photo: Red Bull

Judged By Pros

The panel of judges who will analyze the footage is comprised of former pro surfer Rochelle Ballard, big wave surfers Kai Lenny and Mark Healey, and Betty DePolito, the first woman to surf Banzai Pipeline.

"Creating a decentralized contest truly allows a new level of opportunity to all who enter the contest," adds contest judge Betty Depolito.

"It doesn't matter if you're the most well-known big-wave surfer or a local ripper that not many people have heard about - you have the same chance to take home $25,000 and make a name for yourself."

Judges will convene from March 1-15, 2021, to select category winners, culminating in an awards ceremony on March 15.

Additionally, the "People's Choice" award will be open to a public vote at during this time.

"This is a new kind of contest and one that I think is uniquely positioned to highlight the best up-and-comers in the world of surfing," states Makani Adric.

"The reality is that limitations around traditional big wave contests don't really allow them to show who might be surfing at the highest level for an entire season - rather, they only showcase one moment in time - and they make it hard for newcomers to get noticed. This opens all that up and changes the game."

All awards will be announced on March 16, 2021.

"The beauty of winter in Hawaii is that on any given swell, there are a handful of breaks that are firing, and it can take a lifetime of surfing here to figure out where and when to strike on each swell," concludes Ballard.

"This contest provides ultimate freedom for contestants to flex their local knowledge and have the opportunity to ride the best waves at their favorite spots. It's a true measure of what it means to be a big-wave charger."

Red Bull Magnitude | List of Competitors

Annie Reickert
Brittany Gomulka
Emily Erickson
Isabelle Leonhardt
Izzi Gomez
Jennifer Useldinger
Justine Dupont
Kaya Waldman
Keala Kennelly
Kelta O'Rourke
Kiyomi Sheppard
Makani Adric
Michaela Fregonese
Moana Jones
Momo Sakuma
Paige Alms
Polly Ralda
Raquel Heckert
Remi Nealon
Sheila Lee
Silvia Nabuco
Siri Masterson
Skylar Lickle
Wrenna Delgado

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