Repairing surfboards by mobile phone

May 16, 2011 | Surfing
Broken surfboard: where is the other half?

You may have ordered hundreds of pizzas by telephone and you may have already called for an emergency plumbing service, but you've hardly imagined that your hounded surfboard could be repaired in record time, simply by calling a number in your mobile phone.

A group of four Portuguese surfers and entrepreneurs have started up a company that collects every surfboard at your doorstep, repairs it and delivers it in no more than a week. Wipe outs, off road adventures and inexperienced girlfriends/boyfriends can easily harm your favorite board.

"Ding It" promises to repair your surfboard and deliver it to you in express time. All you need to do is to visit their website, choose the desired service from a wide range of repairs and wait for the board to be collected.

Surfing with hounded boards may reduce their lifetime. So, you should let professionals do their job before enjoying the next waves. "Ding It" has a standard delivery schedule (one week) and an express mode (three days).

The young company offers affordable surf repairs that range from €10 (small repairs in the deck, bottom, nose, fin or tail) to €140 (broken boards). The first clients were happy with the service and "Ding It" should keep their expansion throughout the country.

So if you're hungry for waves or visiting Portugal and its incredible wave, make sure to add to your bookmarks, in case your board needs a doctor.

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