Reubin Pearce

South African Reubin Pearce wins the 2008 UK Pro Surf Tour in a dramatic day of surfing at the Animal Newquay Open.

Reubin only had an outside chance of clinching the title going into the event; he needed Sam Lamiroy to be eliminated early and then had to reach the final, but he must place himself ahead of Animal team rider Alan Stokes.

All of these went according to plan, although he had a few very nervous moments; for the first ten minutes of the heat, he was placed last.

But then he picked off a right-hander, which allowed two very powerful and vertical turns to take victory away from Alan Stokes and allow him to take the tour title despite not winning the event.

The Women’s tour was dominated and won by Irish surfer Nicole Morgan. Back from a year in Australia, she only lost one event entered, and that was to fellow Irish Surfer Easkey Britton.

Tom Butler had a remarkable year despite being overshadowed by Reubyn Ash and Jayce Robinson; he won the 2008 UK PST Pro Junior Title.

The Under 16 Boys division was very competitive throughout the year. However, with great determination and incredible ability, Toby Donachie took the title.

Despite fantastic performances from many of the Under 16 Girls, Zoe Sheath from the Isle of Wight dominated, not losing one heat all year to take the title.

The future stars of surfing look to be coming from the youngest division. The Under 12 Open this year was very competitive.

Two surfers became the major challengers to the title, Dale Foster of Newquay and Ed Smith of Liskeard.

They exchanged the lead several times through the course of the year with Dale eventually taking the title.

The 2008 UK Pro Surf Tour culminated in the Surf Awards, supported by the industry, a night to reward surfers for their achievements in 2008. 


Sponsored awards:
1.  Fat Face Most Improved Surfer 2008 –  Winner: Reubyn Ash (Bude)
2.  Saltrock Rookie of the Year 2008 – Winner: Jayce Robinson St Ives
3.  Spiezia Skin Care Most Inspirational Women’s Surfer 2008 –  Winner:     Gwen Spurlock (Swansea)
4.  Relentless Money Move 2008  - Winner:   Alan Stokes (Newquay)
5.  Skinners Surfers Choice Award 2008 – Winner: Oli Adams (Newquay)
6. Christian Surfers Sportsman Award 2008 –  Winner:    Mark Vaughan (Lantwit)
7. King of King of Waves 2008 – Winner: Alan Stokes (Newquay)
8. The Animal Commitment Award.. – Winner: Mike Young (S Africa)

Media Awards:
9.  Wavelength Most Promising Junior 2008 – Winner: Tom Butler (Newquay)
10. Carve Aerialist 2008 – Winner:     Reubyn Ash (Bude)
11. Surf Girl Most Up and Coming Female Surfer 2008 – Winner: Zoe Sheath (Isle of Wight)
12. A1surf – Most Inspirational Surfer 2008 – Winner: Russell Winter (Newquay)
13. Pit Pilot Underdog award. – Winner: Richard Dodd (S Africa)
14. Newquay Airport Best Brit surfing internationally - Winner: Reubyn Ash (Bude)

UKPSA awards:
15. UKPSA Best Surf Judge 2008 - Winner: Tony Good (Newquay)
16. UKPSA Services to the Sport of Surfing 2008 Winner: Nigel Semmens (Newquay)

UK PST 2008 Champions.
U12 Open: Dale Foster – (Newquay)
U16 Girls:  Zoe Sheath. (Isle of White)
U16 Boys:  Toby Donachie (St Merryn)
Longboard: Ben Skinner (St Agnes)
Pro Junior: Tom Butler (Newquay)
Women’s: Nicole Morgan (Ireland)
Open: Reubin Pearce (S Africa)

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