Richard Morrison shapes a recycled beer can surfboard

June 14, 2011 | Surfing
Recycled beer can surfboard: don't drink while surfing

A recycled beer can surfboard that actually can be used to enjoy the pleasure of riding waves. When Richard Quinn Morrison started out the "Enviro Surf Art Series" concept, he never thought how far he would go.

That's why this 6'2" Fish beer channeled bottom surfboard is so unique. The surf artist survived a car crash and returned to creation with a "new creative hunger and vision to push the boundaries of what he thinks is art and what is not".

Morrison uses the most unthinkable techniques to create strange, innovative and stunning artwork. At the same time, he surfs his waves in sunny California.

Empty beer cans are useless, but when "embedded" in a surfboard they get a total new vision. At the same time, they invite you to enjoy and share a laugh with your surf friends right after a nice surf session.

The sculpture uses two wood stringers and quite a few beer cans (72!), from six brands, collected by friends at a local bar. Then, FCS fins are added and surf's up. The recycled beer can surfboard will be tested in real surfing scenario, in the next weeks.

Remember a basic rule: don't drink while surfing or you'll be fined.

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