Ricky Carroll: the winner of the 2012 Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape-Off

Ricky Carroll claimed his third title at the Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape-Off.

The surfboard shaper from Florida replicated an iconic Mark Richards Twin Fin board that the Australian shaped back in 1981.

"I want to thank Mark (Richards) for including me in this competition," said Carroll. "It's an honor to win, and the other shapers are craftsmen of incredible skill and pedigree."

Four-time world champion MR spoke eloquently about all six shapers and singled out Reno Abellira, a shaper/surfer who influenced his career both competitively and as a surfboard builder.

"Reno showed up at the Surfabout in 1974 with a quiver of six surfboards. This was a time when we traveled to surf contests with one board", explained MR.

"Reno had a twin-fin Fish, similar to what Steve Lis was making. He (Abellira) was blowing us away with how fast he flew around on the waves as the rest of us labored on heavy single fins. It changed my way of thinking".

Reno Abellira, Jon Pyzel, Pat Rawson, Wayne Rich, and Taz Yassi also entered the contest, which honors Mark Richards, one of only two world champions to shape and compete on his own handcrafted surfboards.

Thomas Meyerhoffer won the Best of Show award with a conceptual surfboard that impressed the judges with both its design and construction.

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