Shane Dorian: a barrel seen by a big wave surfer

Shane Dorian has captured all the glory of a 15-foot Teahupoo wave with his surf camera mount.

We've seen Shane Dorian tasting the power of Nazaré and speaking about the wave of his life. The big wave surfer born on July 19, 1972, in Hawaii, has published an impressive picture directly from the Tahitian pit.

The mid-May swell that hit "The End of the Road" brought huge, perfect tube rides to the French Polynesian island. Dorian was there to ride the wild beast.

"It's like, a 15-foot wave. It's hard to tell with those GoPros, you never know how big the wave is. It was like a full, big tow-in wave", explains Shane Dorian.

"I used a killer back harness mount with an extended arm to get this perspective. Best surf trip ever!" says the man who has been living in the big wave surfing arena his entire life.

The point of view shot, or subjective camera, might get things a little bit smaller, but photos like this one can't be less than breathtaking.

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