Robbie Maddison: surfing Killers, in Todos Santos, Mexico | Photo: Vice Sports

"I don't know what it is about me that draws me to risk my life. We've come so far in the development of the bike, so I wanted to push the boundaries even further."

Robbie Maddison has been up and riding for 30 years, but lately, he is making a career for himself in motorcycle surfing.

After taking his bike to Teahupoo, the Australian embarked on a dangerous Mexican challenge.

We learned from his previous stunt that Maddison designed the skis himself.

A lot of people said it couldn't be done, but he made it a reality. And now, here he is - ready for another impossible mission on the island of Todos Santos.

In the initial tests, Maddison recorded speed and distance with his GPS watch so that he could adjust to the ideal riding parameters.

He ended up breaking a record that belonged to the late Blake Becker, a 19-year-old who, inspired by Maddison's Tahiti stunt, tried to cross the north end of Canyon Ferry Lake in Montana, United States.

Pipe Dream 2

But the ultimate goal, nicknamed Pipe Dream 2, was to ride Killers, the iconic big wave spot located 12 miles offshore of Todos Santos in Mexico.

Robbie Maddison is geared up. The waves are pumping, and the nerves try to command his brain.

But the gusty winds and the choppy waters force him to postpone the challenge.

Second attempt: the stuntman launches into the water, but the bike doesn't find traction, and Robbie goes down. No worries - he's ready for another try.

And there he goes. Gliding across the water in the open ocean, surrounded by a big swell and chasing 30-footers. Will he make it? See for yourself.

You ask: what is Maddison planning next? Hopefully, Robbie Maddison will try to get barreled for Pipe Dream 3. Fingers crossed.

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