Robby Naish: the surf marathoner

Robby Naish has surfed the longest wave of his life in Pavones, Costa Rica. The windsurf legend has kicked off a new project with Red Bull to find the longest rides in the world.

Naish managed to link and connect several wave sections to reach a total surfing time of two minutes and 15 seconds in a single ride. That means a total distance of 1.09 kilometers (0.68 miles).

The Californian adventurer carried a handheld and portable GPS that measured the length of the ride.

He traveled through the rainy fields of Costa Rica to discover solid six-to-eight-foot waves in the sets for his experiences.

Naish went out with one of his stand-up paddleboards (SUP) and was thrilled with the quality of the surf.

"It was awesome. Pavones changes a lot with the tide", tells Robby. "I'm a board rider. It doesn't matter what I'm riding. I try to make the best out of the conditions".

Pavones and Boca Barranca are well-known destinations for wave seekers, but the lines were well above the world average.

"This was the longest wave I've ever ridden. It's a good start to the project of traveling around the world trying to find the longest ones. Can't wait to come back", told a stoked Naish.

Discover the longest waves for surfing in the world. Watch the incredible long wave.

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