Rodrigo Koxa and Jeff Hubbard share a Pipeline barrel

February 4, 2014 | Surfing
Rodrigo Koxa and Jeff Hubbard: the spirit of surfing and bodyboarding

Rodrigo Koxa and Jeff Hubbard have shared a barrel that has ignited the hearts of the wave riding community. Forget priorities, superiority and inferiority complexes. Just share the passion.

Respect. When two wave riders respect themselves, the result can only be a truly emotional video. A lesson taught to all of us although some have tried to transform it into an old rivalry issue.

This is not a surfing video, and this is not a bodyboarding video. It's a video about two athletes who love the ocean and have no problem in sharing waves.

The surfer could've easily run over the prone rider. The bodyboarder could've forced the surfer against the falling lip. However, they've both decided to make that wave while respecting each other.

"Double barrel with the three-time world bodyboarding champion, Jeff Hubbard. It was good vibes only. Aloha Hawaii", Koxa wrote later on his Facebook page.

"This photo has stirred up some serious controversy on the web as of late. It amazes me the amount of passion that can be provoked and levels of ignorance that can be achieved from just one picture", added Hubbard.

In the end, they've celebrated success with a self-inflicted wipeout. It doesn't matter how you ride waves. Surfing and bodyboarding are incredible water sports, each one with its own unique characteristics. Let's keep it this way.

Remember the basic rules of surf etiquette.

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