Russell Winter: lay-back goodbye

Russell Winter is the 2013 English national surfing champion after dominating the waves at Watergate Bay.

The conditions were perfect, and the beach was packed with spectators who were hoping to witness fantastic surfing.

Having both great weather and waves for the finals was an added bonus for all the top surfers in the country who entered the event.

Russell Winter, a two-time UK Pro Surf Tour champion, took the Sundried Open National title and was followed by Gordon Fontaine from Bournemouth.

Third place went to an in-form Newquay surfer, Mark Harris, and fourth to Louis Eyre.

The English National Surf Championship is one of Europe's longest running surfing competitions, where some of the best surfers in the country compete for the title of English Champion and selection to the English team for the European Surfing Championships.

In the other divisions, there were many standout performances.

Keshia Eyre won the Disco Beads Women's division in decisive fashion.

In the Zumbatastic Men's Longboard, Ben Skinner put on a world-class performance as he dominated his fellow competitors in the final.

The Zumbatastic Women's final was taken out by Charlotte Bayliss.

The Senior and Veteran divisions were won by two Newquay Lifeguards, James Mitchell and Mark Oliver, and the Masters were won by South Devon-based Martin Connelly.

This year's Randall Davies Trophy went to the event Head, Judge Mike Durkin, for all the work he has put in over the last year.

2013 English National Surf Championships | Results

1. Russell Winter
2. Gordon Fontaine
3. Mark Harris
4. Luis Eyre

1. Keshia Eyre
2. Emily Currie
3. Gabi Rowe
4. Hannah Harding

1. Ben Skinner
2. Adam Griffiths
3. Ben Haworth
4. Zack Lawton

1. James Mitchell
2. Sean Harris
3. Paul Kirby
4. Martin Connolly
5. Matt Harwood

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