Russian surfing gets "On The Wave"

November 23, 2012 | Surfing
On The Wave: Russian surfers are cold

"On The Wave" is Russia's first full-length surfing documentary. The movie features Russian surfers and an unknown character called Kelly Slater.

Russia may not be the first country that comes to mind when talking about surfing. But there are, indeed, very good Russian surfers. And there are surf spots in Russia, too.

"On The Wave," a surf film by Inna Blokhina, promises to unveil the uncontrollable power of the ocean captured from the unique waves of Bali in Indonesia.

Russia's first feature-length surf documentary shows the fast-growing Russian surf scene in Bali. In fact, Russian surfers are literally invading the world, from Supertubos (Peniche, Portugal) to the far-distant Asian islands.

Enjoy the high-definition images of "On The Wave" and dive deep inside the heads of a number of international surfers, including Russians. The film is already a phenomenon in Russia, selling out theatres from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

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