RVCA Rolling Retro 2015: the past is the new future

March 3, 2015 | Surfing
2015 RVCA Rolling Retro: style is everything | Photo: Richard Johnson

Royden Bryson, Tasha Mentasti, and Luke Slijpen were the standout performers of the 2015 RVCA Rolling Retro, held in a laid-back atmosphere at Llandudno, Cape Town, South Africa.

Old school surfers and retro surfing hipsters had the time of their lives in the offshore two-to-three foot waves on offer down the line.

Vudu Surf provided 40 vintage boards and sent everyone into the past. Colorful and nostalgic shapes and a few classic facial hair styles were the salt and pepper of the RVCA Rolling Retro.

"It was an amazing day of surfing with such a good vibe down here. A flawless summer day here in the Cape, with ideal conditions at Llandudno for the event," contest organiser Kai Linder told "Do It Now".

The 2015 RVCA Rolling Retro was a totally epic, super fun day featuring lots of surfing, but also vinyl DJs, bands and sunbathing. The bodysurfing event crowned Brian Little, Harry Alcock, Ian Thurtell and Sacha Specker.

2015 RVCA Rolling Retro: 40 boards ready to rock | Photo: Richard Johnson

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