Ryan Briggs pulls air arsenal to claim the UnsOund Surf Pro 2013

September 10, 2013 | Surfing
Ryan Briggs: air game boy

Ryan Briggs has taken out the UnsOund Surf Pro 2013, in Long Beach, New York.

It is considered one of the most progressive professional surfing competition on the East Coast of USA. Born in 1997, the UnsOund Surf Pro welcomed 48 pro surfers.

The region is still recovering from the damages caused by Hurricane Sandy, but with a lot of effort from the organizers, the 15th edition got up and running.

After two lay-days, the UnsOund Surf Pro 2013 got finally underway, in waist- to chest-high wave conditions. Ryan Briggs kept landing his personal trick collection to impress judges, until the final heat against Rob Kelly was over.

"This is my biggest win so far, and it feels amazing. When I got dropped by Billabong, I had no budget to travel, I was on bad boards and I wasn't getting results, so my confidence was low. I think what's changed is I'm hungrier", adds Briggs.

The winner of the 15th Annual UnsOund Surf Pro will compete in the upcoming ASP World Qualifying Series season.

UnsOund Surf Pro 2013 | Results

1. Ryan Briggs
2. Rob Kelly
3. Blake Jones, Michael Dunphy
5. Evan Thompson, Leif Engstrom, Vince Boulanger, Tristan Thompson

Strong Island Big Air: Blake Jones
King of the Beach: Jared Bono
Queen of the Beach: Erin Kohler

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