S-Wings: long and flexible

S-Wings is an innovative new fin technology designed and developed in Guéthary, the southwest of France.

The brand offers unusual surf fins with different sizes and multiple flex ratios. Are you looking for extra speed on your turns? Need more drive down the line?

The French brand is developing fins with very long tips and winglets for single, twin, quad, and five-fin setups.

S-Wings produced its range of fins inspired by the concept of biomimetics, that is, imitating models and solutions given by Nature.

"Surfing fins have not really evolved over the last 50 years in any radical way, but just take a look at nature and see the diversity of the equipment used by fish for acceleration, cruising, maneuverability, etc," the brand states.

"S-Wings are inspired by this natural diversity that evolution has triggered underwater."

"They have been tested and developed by a passionate group of scientists and surfers to bring a revolution to surfboard fin design."

The surf company confirms these fins will improve the surfboard and fin contact with the water, tap in the internal wave power for extra push, and keep the lateral drive in steep wave take-offs.

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