Sage Erickson wins the Supergirl Pro 2014

August 11, 2014 | Surfing
Sage Erickson: she must be tired | Photo: Kurt Steinmetz

Sage Erickson claimed the Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro 2014, in one-to-three foot waves at Oceanside Pier, California.

The surfer from Ventura overtook Tatiana Weston-Webb in the decisive heat, despite sitting in second place for the majority of the final. A big backhand snap gave Erickson her second Supergirl Pro victory.

"Winning this event is an amazing experience. Congratulations to Tatiana. She's been ripping the whole event, and I knew going into it that she was looking really sharp. Somehow I got sent that left and gave it everything I had," explained Sage Erickson.

"Being down here and seeing all of the young faces and the young girls, that's what matters to me. It helps me remember why I started, and it helps motivate me even if I don't win the event."

Erickson, former WCT surfer, is in an excellent position to requalify for the 2015 elite roster. The Hawaiian fell one spot shy of officially joining the Top 17 this season and hopes her final performance propels her to a WCT berth for next season.

"I really wanted a good result going into Europe. There are so many good girls that compete in those events, and I'll probably have a lot more confidence," added Weston-Webb.

Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro 2014 Final
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