Sally Fitzgibbons teaches kids how to be safe in the surf

January 11, 2014 | Surfing
Sally Fitzgibbons: she is safe in the surf

Staying safe in the surf is a priority, especially for kids. Australian surf star Sally Fitzgibbons leaves a few tips with the helping hand of the Smurfs.

Surf Life Saving NSW has partnered with ASP World Junior Champion Sally Fitzgibbons for a one-off "Summer Smurf Safety" event at North Steyne SLSC. Five tips have been shared.

The first tip is to always swim between the flags. Red and yellow flags also tell us that lifesavers are patrolling the beach.

The second tip is to ask a lifesaver for advice. Before entering the water, speak with the lifesavers on duty about the beach or the surf.

Then, read the safety signs. They will give you information about the water conditions, including "now swimming," "crocodiles," "strong currents," "shallow water sand banks," or even "high surf."

The fourth tip tells us to always swim with a friend. Not only is it more fun, but it's safer, too. If you get into trouble, raise your hand and ask for help.

Finally, if you need help, stay calm and attract attention.