Santa Claus: SUPing in the flat days | Photo: Naish SUP Center Salzkammergut

Santa Claus is an avid surfer. From the cold waves of Alaska to the warm rides of sunny summer Australia, Christmas means hitting the waves in red wetsuits.

Santa Claus is known for being everywhere. He hits the waves of Huntington Beach Surf City, USA, rides the biggest peaks of Sydney's Manly Beach, and still has time to check the surf in Newquay.

This year, Santa Claus has been answering several exotic requests from groms and experienced surfers.

On top of the wish list are surf movies, surf watches, wetsuits, waterproof surf cameras, and new surfboards.

Although it will be impossible to deliver the famous LED surfboards for night surfing and flare surfboards for showing off, Santa Claus knows you might like an innovative surf item: an inflatable SUP board, the perfect Christmas surf gift for the flat days.

But is Santa Claus really improving his surfing skills? The answer is yes, of course. Check out below Santa's best wave rides.

The white-bearded man from Lapland, Finland, wearing a red coat and trousers, also has a Christmas wish.

He wants you to call your friends and hit the surf together on the morning of December 24, creating a future surf tradition.

Are you ready for surfing on Christmas Eve? Discover the ultimate surfing Christmas gifts.

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