The Summer Surfers: a comic about surfing during the warm season

Summer can be a nightmare, especially if you're a seasoned surfer. Fortunately, the warm days are over, and winter is coming.

Artist collective Surf & Comics returns with a story that surfers know too well.

Sunny days are a synonym for crowded lineups, small waves, and constant conflicts over priorities.

When the summer's gone, the tourists begin to disappear from the beaches, and peace and tranquility return to the surfing kingdom.

The sea awakens from its summer lethargy, and the swells of autumn begin to reach our shores.

More important than that, "The Summer Surfers," those strange creatures, return to their normal lives.

The new comic strip written by Maxi Gonzalez gets an illustration by Pablo Ballesteros. Enjoy it.

The Summer Surfers: a surf comic by Maxi Gonzalez and Pablo Ballesteros

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