Scotland: perfect waves, very cold waters | Photo: Scottish Surfing Federation

Scotland and Finland are the 95th and 96th member nations of the International Surfing Association (ISA).

Surfing is growing fast thanks to Fernando Aguerre's ambitious plan to take the sport into the ultimate stage: the Olympic Games. And the 100th mark is right around the shoulder of the wave.

Scotland offers world-class waves and breaks in challenging cold water conditions.

Strathy, Melvich, Sandside, Brims Ness, Shitpipe, Thurso East, The Spur, Ham, Tang Head, Gills Bay, Skirza Harbour, Keiss, and Ackergill are some of the multiple Scottish surf gems.

"Surfing in Scotland is pure; stripped of any pretense; for the love of the sport, the environment and the ocean," underlines William Watson, president of the Scottish Surfing Federation.

"The sport is growing in popularity, and a recent survey indicated that there are more than 10,000 Surfers across Scotland."

Did you know it's possible to surf in Finland's biggest lakes?

If you're lucky, you can find waves at Päijänne, Saimaa, and Näsijärvi. However, Pori is still Finland's surfing capital.

And there is an influential group of hardcore wave riders in that west coast town.

"Being formally recognized by the ISA will take surfing and SUP to a new level in Finland," concludes Jari Laakso, president of the Finnish SUP and Surf Federation.

"Full ISA Membership gives our young organization the necessary tools to develop educational programs, and it also provides us with a pathway to international competitions."

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