Anagrams in surfing: meet pro surfer Mack Finning | Photo: Quiksilver

There you go. Here's an article for Scrabble addicts, anagram enthusiasts, and word lovers. Warning: the following lines contain absurd, explicit, and surreal letters turned into words.

Surfers score Perfect 10-point rides, but when their names enter the unscramble machine, you don't always get flawless wordplay.

In some cases - John John Florence, Julian Wilson, Jordy Smith, Adriano de Souza, Conner Coffin, and Matt Banting - computer says "no."

Nevertheless, we've grabbed the World Surf League's Championship Tour (CT) roster and rearranged the pro surfing names that could be scrambled.

The linguistic outcome got us down on the floor laughing on various occasions.

For example: did you know that Maria Bleeding is a former world surfing champion? Where does King Nausea come from? Who is Medal Malign?

So, next time you pick a surfer name for your baby, run it through the unscramble generator just to ensure they won't be bullied at school.

We believe we found the best and funniest scrambled anagrams with surfers' names, but if you don't trust Rusty Fedora (Surfer Today) while driving their Ford Estuary (Surfer Today), feel free to make your own semantic suggestions - we'll publish them below.


Matt Wilkinson
Wonk Militants

Gabriel Medina
Lime Gabardine
Maria Bleeding

Adrian Buchan
Arabic Unhand

Kelly Slater
Kelly Alerts
Kelly Salter
Talky Seller
Yell Stalker

Italo Ferreira
Tearer Airfoil

Mick Fanning
Mack Finning

Kolohe Andino
Anon Hoodlike

Sebastian Zietz
Banzai Zestiest

Michel Bourez
Cozie Humbler

Josh Kerr
Jerk Rhos

Joel Parkinson
Jalop Einkorns

Caio Ibelli
Ciao Billie

Filipe Toledo
Footie Pilled

Wiggolly Dantas
Salting Dayglow

Nat Young
Nut Agony
Tao Gunny

Dusty Payne
Nays Deputy

Kanoa Igarashi
Askoi Hiragana

Miguel Pupo
Loup Guimpe

Adam Melling
Lama Mingled
Lang Dilemma
Medal Malign

Davey Cathels
Acetyl Shaved
Heavy Castled
Selva Yachted

Alejo Muniz
Joule Nizam

Stuart Kennedy
Skate Untrendy

Jadson Andre
Dean Jordans

Jack Freestone
Eject Forsaken

Jeremy Flores
Jees Formerly

Keanu Asing
Ken Iguanas
King Nausea

Leonardo Fioravanti
Ovarian Defloration

Ryan Callinan
Nan Cranially

Taj Burrow
Jut Barrow

Kai Otton
To Kation

Bruno Santos
Bro Stannous
Robot Sunnas
Urban Snoots

Alex Ribeiro
Ariel Boxier
Exile Barrio

Mason Ho
Ash Moon

Owen Wright
Grown White
Wet Whoring
Wine Growth
Wrong White

Bede Durbidge
Bedbug Deride
Debug Debride
Dude Gibbered

Marco Fernandez
Fazed Cornerman

Mikey Wright
Mirk Weighty

Deivid Silva
Vivid Ideals
Vivid Ladies
Vivid Sailed

Lucas Silveira
Carl Visualise
Visual Eclairs

Steven Sawyer
Swear Seventy
Wave Styrenes

Timothee Bisso
Bite Smoothies

Jack Robinson
Kanji Broncos

Tim Stevenson
Move Tennists
Vomit Sennets

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