SeaHawaii Women's Pro set for Pipeline dreams

January 25, 2012 | Surfing
SeaHawaii Womens Pro: girls with guns

The 2012 SeaHawaii Women's Pro has been scheduled to March 1st, at Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii. The only women's professional surf contest on the North Shore, this winter, promises to showcase the best female wave riders in the world, in splendid ocean conditions.

The event will be officially supported by the Association of Surfing Professionals and by the United States Bodyboarding Association. There is also a longboard expression session added to the mix.

"Women don't really have much chances to prove themselves", says Kauai's defending champion Tatiana Weston Webb. "This event provides that for us. Women think of it as a really big opportunity to be exposed and show their talent!"

"This event is my favorite, I feel an extra ease going into it, it's excitement with joy at the same time. You can never be too comfortable, it is never easy, it is always always a challenge and I love challenges. I hope all the girls have a blast surfing Queen Pipeline", adds defending bodyboarding champion Karla Costa Taylor.

The 23rd edition of the SeaHawaii Women's Pro is a must-see surfing show. The event started out as a bodyboarding contest, but has expanded to running three separate divisions including bodyboard, longboard, and shortboard.

Other plans are in the works. Contest organizers are considering adding Mens and Women's Jr. events durning the three days of competition. Shannon O'Connell has designed this years artwork.

Let the girly hair come out of the Pipeline barrels.

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