Sean Poynter wins 2011 Central Surf Pro

September 26, 2011 | Surfing
Sean Poynter: white water nightmare

Sean Poynter has conquered the Central Surf Pro 2011, in Mexico. The US surfer rode the best waves in the Playa Zicatela break, a spot known as the "Mexican Pipeline" because of its giant barreling waves.

This was a Standup Paddle contest, so a few boards were broken in the infamous wave peak. Scott Chandler, Carlos Bahia, Drew Brophy, Jesse Ledy and Carlos Ochoa were some of the experienced surfers that agreed to visit the region of Puerto Escondido.

Contest organizer Angel Salinas, known for charging big barrels while wearing his wrestling mask, hosted the competitors at Hotel Olas Altas that sits in front of the beach break. The three local judges were Big Jim, Jon Silver and Heriberto Ramirez who had to tally up the heat sheets of the three rounds surfed by the competitors.

The top eight competitors with the highest scores surfed two semifinal heats which in the first heat was Scott Chandler, Sean Poynter, Drew Brophy and Carlos Ochoa.

Scott Chandler received the only perfect 10 earlier in the event, but didn't get the one additional wave that he needed to continue, as Brophy and Poynter had two solid waves that lead them to the finals. The other semifinal heat had Brian Gilbert, Jesse Ledy, Carlos Bahia and Angel Salinas. Ledy and Bahia had the deepest barrels making it to the finals.

On the day of the finals, the conditions seemed almost perfect; the wind had died and the tide dropped out giving the waves more barrel form and consistency.

The local favorite was Bahia from Brazil but his sleek tub riding style ran short as Poynter opened up with an amazing tube ride and Ledy answered back getting spit out of a left barrel. Brophy and Bahia both caught some bombs, but never exited any of hollow cylinders they caught. Poynter caught two solid barrels with exits and he was crowned the king of the Central Surf Pro 2011.

Central Surf Pro 2011 | Results

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