See you soon, Dane Reynolds

December 16, 2011 | Surfing
Dane Reynolds: we love comebacks

Dane Reynolds will be greatly missed in the upcoming 2012 ASP World Tour. There are many very good surfers, but Reynolds has always been different. We were used to his unexpected moves and impossible tricks and barrels. Now, where will we see him riding waves?

Speculation has been following him for the past 12 months. Has he lost the passion for surf competition? Did Dane Reynolds lose the respect for the whole pro surfing scene? Is he tired of the surf industry or is he simply tired of surfing as a daily job?

The answer is not relevant. The thing is, Dane Reynolds gave color and creativity to pro surfing. He inspired younger generations and transmitted good sporting values.

In the last stages of the 2011 ASP World Tour, Dane Reynolds dropped out of competition due to injury. It's still uncertain if he will take his free time to show off in free surfing photo shoots or if he will be part of the greatest surf movie ever made.

In the pro kiteboarding world, five-time world champion Aaron Hadlow paused his very successful career to boost his signature brand and products. After the initial shock, everyone got used to his absence and, from time to time, Hadlow would send his stunt kite videos to confirm his fired up soul.

Dane Reynolds is a talented, young and intelligent surfer. His plans and career decisions will certainly keep inspiring a giant global surfing audience. If we could make a wish come true, we would defy Dane Reynolds to "invent" a new move every season. What's in the mind of the Ventura surf magician?