Sharing the stoke with the Incredible Surfer

January 16, 2012 | Surfing
Jesse Billauer: sharing the stoke

Jesse Billauer started surfing when he was very young. At 17, he was considered one of the 100 best surfers in the world and he pursued a career in pro surfing.

On March 25th 1996, Billauer had to change his dreams. "I took off in a wave, going down the line and pulled in a barrel. When I came up the wave hit me on my back. I didn't have time to put my hands up and I don't know how shallow it was...", he explains.

Jesse Billauer broke his spine. "At that moment, your life stops. You don't know what to think. Is this really permanent?". Three years later, Jesse reacted. He wanted to hit the water, but didn't know to do it.

Meanwhile, his upper muscles are stronger and things are different. Jason Mraz met with Jesse Billauer, at Anchor Point, just north of Agadir in Morocco, for his "In Search of Incredible".

Jessie uses his stomach, arms and elbows to ride waves. He does it perfectly and for long seconds. His friends only have to help him reach the line-up. "Then, it's all me. This gave me inspiration for myself and hope to people, whether they're disabled or not".

Jesse Billauer is enjoying life and has already defied other challenges: sky diving, tube riding and diving with great white sharks. His passions for surfing invites everyone to share the stoke.