Shaun Tomson stands out in the Supersurf ASP World Masters

July 30, 2011 | Surfing
Shaun Tomson: fired up grom

Small surf and good vibes dominated another day of wave riding at the Supersurf ASP World Masters. The Arpoador peak, in Rio de Janeiro saw a strong Shaun Tomson dominating the opening heat of the morning: 15.90 out of a possible 20 was the best result of the day.

"I was thrilled with my result," Tomson said. "It’s been a long long time since I’ve got a 9 point ride, so that was quite a thrill. It’s the same for all of us out there. It’s small, but you can still get some scores on the board if you select your waves carefully. The 35 minutes, and additional 5 minutes, was great and we’re all trying to do out best out there."

Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew, 56, 1978 World Champion, was another icon in fine form this morning, besting an international Round 2 field with a 13.50 out of a possible 20.

"It’s great to have the Masters back on again, 8 years is just too long," Bartholomew. "It’s a shame we don’t have better surf, it would be nice to be able to go to Prainha, where the surf is maybe 3 foot, get a few rounds, then come back for the Quarters."

In the ASP Masters division, it was the Brazilians who dominated morning’s affairs, winning four out of the five Round 3 heats before the event was called off for the day due to small, slow surf.

Renan Rocha led this South American charge this morning, scalping the round-high 14.85 out of a possible 20.

"I’m definitely stoked on that," Rocha said. "I’m finding the right waves and my board’s looking good, so I can get speed on that kind of waves, and impress the judge. Just try to keep it going and find more heat by heat."

Shea Lopez, 37, former ASP World Tour campaigner, was the sole international campaigner in the ASP Masters division to emerge victorious today, dissecting the small running lefthanders on his forehand.

"Oh, I’m just ecstatic," Lopez said. "It’s been wonderful, the weather couldn’t be any better all week. Seeing all my friends, they’re like family to me. I spent so much time traveling and surfing. I haven’t seen Jojo in forever, and we were back and forth the whole heat just smiling and laughing and talking about our kids. It was cool, really cool. This event has been very special to me."

Supersurf ASP World Masters 2011 | Round 3 Results

Heat 1: Renan Rocha (BRA) 14.85, Kaipo Jaquias (HAW) 13.75, Barton Lynch (AUS) 10.60, Brad Gerlach (USA) 10.20
Heat 2: Shea Lopez (USA) 14.70, Jojo Olvenca (BRA) 14.00, Rob Bain (AUS) 11.80, Gary Elkerton (AUS) 0.00
Heat 3: Peterson Rosa (BRA) 14.00, Ricardo Toledo (BRA) 9.20, Derek Ho (HAW) 8.90, Marty Thomas (USA) 7.25
Heat 4: Fabio Silva (BRA) 14.65, Tom Curren (USA) 13.75, Fabio Gouveia (BRA) 10.40, Nathan Webster (AUS) 9.80
Heat 5: Victor Ribas (BRA) 14.50, Richard Lovett (AUS), Mark Occhilupo (AUS) 7.25, Richie Collins (USA) 4.65