Shaun Tomson will catch 100 waves at Mission Beach

September 5, 2014 | Surfing
Shaun Tomson: backside style at Pipeline

South African surfing legend Shaun Tomson will catch 100 waves in 12 hours, at Mission Beach, San Diego, on September 20th, 2014.

The former world surfing champion, author of "Surfer's Code," will hit the water to raise funds and support for Boys to Men, a non-profit organization created to guide boys on their journey to manhood through mentoring.

All surfers are invited to join the cause and raise $1,000 each. The goal is to catch 100 waves, even if it means to be in the water for 10 hours. In the end, you'll help at-risk teen boys with your effort.

"I love what Boys to Men is doing with the mentoring program. I think it's about hope, about giving young teenage boys a hope through mentoring with strong father figures. Please come down to the beach. It's going to be an awesome day," says Shaun Tomson.

Boys to Men was founded in 1996 and has helped more than 6000 teenagers aged 11-17. 73% of the boys in the program do not have a father active in their life. The 100 Wave Challenge is celebrating its fifth anniversary.