Shepps: made from minimal, sustainable materials | Photo: Shepps

Shepps is a new surfboard hanging system that allows you to store your favorite wave riding on the wall.

Surfboards are large, sensitive objects that require maximum attention, especially after a long and strenuous surf session. And that is the moment cracks and dings appeared.

Shepps allows you to store your surfboard on any wall quickly and is made from minimal, sustainable materials.

All you need to do is drill a 1/4-inch hole and install the plug. Then, align the hanger, screw with the wall plug, and fasten the hanger using a fin key.

Once the hanger is installed, all you have to do is hang your surfboard using the FCS or Future hook made from Baltic birch plywood.

Shepps was developed by Adam Shepperdley, a product designer and enthusiastic surfer from Toronto, Canada. And this is just his first surf-related gear item. More will come.

"Our business is focusing on simple tools, systems, and devices that help people. The system is perfect for organizing and showcasing your favorite surfboards in the most simple and effective way," Shepperdley told SurferToday.

The hangers are available in three different colors: charcoal, teal, and hot pink.

Shepps is more than a smart way of storing surfboards. It is also a creative way of displaying a surfer's most treasured possession in a living room, bedroom, or garage.

Shepps is launching on Kickstarter on September 11, 2018.

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