Shipwreck threatens the surf breaks of Anglet

February 6, 2014 | Surfing
Luno: no surf in Anglet for a couple of months

A cargo ship has hit the jetty of La Barre, in Anglet, France.

The Atlantic Ocean has been slamming Europe with large swells, strong winds and torrential rains, and the iconic surf breaks of Anglet are widely exposed to the power of the seas.

"Luno" was heading to a local port to load up with cargo when a problem with the engines left it facing the huge waves near Anglet, in the Aquitaine region of southwestern France.

As a result, the large craft was pinned against a jetty and broke in two. The 100-meter long Spanish ship was carrying a small amount of fuel, and the crew had to be evacuated by a military helicopter.

The ship's bow got stuck in the breakwater, but the other half drifted onto the shore. The French authorities have raised a pollution alert.

Anglet has some of the best beach breaks for surfing in Europe. La Barre, Cavaliers, and Sables d'Or are some of the iconic spots of Anglet, a neighbouring town of Biarritz.