Huntington Beach Surf City USA: surfing is everywhere | Photo:

Huntington Beach Surf City, USA, is celebrating one hundred years of surfing.

It's one of the most important surf cities in the world.

Not only because it is located in the heart of California, home to American surfing, but also because Huntington Beach keeps setting the bar higher in the development of the so-called surf culture.

When you think of a quality beach break close to a pier, Huntington Beach always comes to mind first.

In 1914, George Freeth became the town's first surfer.

The Hawaiian pioneer was invited to give a surfing demonstration during the opening ceremony of the Huntington Beach Pier.

"He was the man who could walk on water," it was said. Freeth is widely considered one of the most influential people in the birth of surfing as a sport.

Since then, Surf City USA has never stopped attracting wave riders to its waters.

It has been considered the most consistent beach break in mainland America, with all-year-round waves for all experience levels.

Beginners will learn quickly; advanced surfers may never forget the spot.

Huntington Beach Pier: exciting times at the 1963 West Coast Surfing Championship

The Ultimate California Surf Spot

When Huntington Beach opens its shore to long-distance swells from northwest to southeast, action is guaranteed.

Despite the crowd factor, there are nine miles of coastline to explore.

The city is visited by 11 million tourists each year. But only a few of them will successfully shoot the pier without breaking a board or suffering cuts and bruises.

Huntington Beach Surf City USA offers everything a surfer needs to have a good time in California.

There are multiple surf shops, surf-themed restaurants, surf museums, surf statues, and the Surfing Hall of Fame.

California's favorite surf metropolis has been featured in many surf movies, including "The Cosmic Children" and "Five Summer Stories."

The US Open of Surfing has been held annually on the south side of the Huntington Beach Pier since 1959.

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