Sandy Beach, Honolulu: Barack Obama has bodysurfed here | Photo: Creative Commons/Matt Sims

The famous Sandy Beach may be renamed in honor of US President Barack Obama, but the idea doesn't touch the heart of the majority of Hawaiians.

President Barack Obama Sandy Beach Park - this could be the new name of Honolulu's Sandy Beach, famous for its iconic bodysurfing competitions and shore break photo stunts.

Bodyboarders love it, too.

The City Council has made the proposal bearing in mind that Barack Obama was born in Honolulu and the President's proven ability to bodysurf the local waves.

"I think, as a State, we're very proud that we have a Hawaii-born president. We don't have any statues, monuments, anything named after him here," underlines Stanley Chang, Honolulu City Council member.

"We've already included funding in the past year's budget for a plaque commemorating his love for bodysurfing there, and we hope to generate additional interest in the park."

"We hope to have it as an additional showcase for residents and visitors from all over the world."

Residents and local surfers are divided.

What has Obama done for Sandy Beach? Is it worth it to spend half a million dollars on local improvements?

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