Simon Anderson: the thruster man

"Thrust" is the new biography of Simon Anderson, the man who invented the famous three-fin Thruster concept.

Thirty years after revolutionizing the world of surfing and surfboards, Anderson and Tim Baker published a book that reveals the details of the revolution.

In over 200 pages, this incredible surf book illustrates why and how Simon Anderson stuck three fins on a surfboard.

Photos and additional words by Phil Jarratt, Terry Fitzgerald, Derek Hynd, Andrew Kidman, Hugh McLeod, and Reggae Elliss provide 360-degree knowledge of the Thruster model.

The surfboard changed forever in October 1980 when Simon Anderson was graduating from Narrabeen.

Today, this man still influences the powerful surf industry.

"I wanted to make my equipment really good, so when I went out there, I'd surf really well, and if I surfed really good when I came in, I'd be really happy," says Simon Anderson.

"Then I'd go down the pub and celebrate with a few really good mates. That was kind of the cycle, and it was a good cycle, and it lasted for years."

"Thrust" has been released in 2011.

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