Slater and Florence in the quarterfinals of the 2015 Volcom Pipe Pro

February 2, 2015 | Surfing
Kelly Slater: a Backdoor experience | Photo: Bielmann/Volcom

Kelly Slater and John John Florence have reached the quarterfinals of the 2015 Volcom Pipe Pro, at Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii.

The fast 8-to-10 foot barrels firing at both Backdoor and classic Pipe were a proving ground for the best tube riders in the world. Slater, 42, is not ready to let go. New season, new victories.

"It's cool to surf with Kaimana, I surfed against his dad 20-plus years ago, so to now be surfing against his kid is pretty cool. This is the ultimate playground for me," said Slater.

"There's nothing else to me that's nearly as fun as my job. I just love it. I sit on the beach and imagine what I'm going to do when I get out there, and I get stoked when I see someone get a great wave. And it's getting more and more like that as I get older and less attached to the results."

John John Florence, 20, will be looking forward to joining the world title race in 2015 but, for now, he topped the scores of day three.

"I got a lot of confidence out of the end of last year and Gabe winning the title. It really opened my eyes, like, oh my gosh, I want to do that now! It's really pushing all of us," says Florence.

"Going into 2015, I'm excited, and it's great to start the year here at home in great waves. This event helps get momentum to head into the season."

2015 Volcom Pipe Pro | Quarterfinals Draw

E Lau (HAW), A Aranburu (ESP), S Zietz (HAW), I Gouveia (BRA)
M Bruneau (HAW), K David (HAW), JJ Florence (HAW), I Walsh (HAW)
K Slater (USA), B Toth (PRI), H Gaskell (HAW), K Andino (USA)
M Ohno (JPN), K Jaquias (HAW), CJ Hobgood (USA), M Ho (HAW)

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