Kirra: a world surfing treasure threaten by a cruise ship terminal

The perfect surf breaks of Kirra, in the Australian Gold Coast, are being threatened by a $2 billion Broadwater cruise ship terminal projected to the Wavebreak Island.

One of the world's premier surf breaks will disappear completely if Leda Holdings is authorized to build a giant cruise ship terminal and marina in a public-private partnership with the Queensland State Government.

The monstrous project will project off the coastline and will be able to welcome two 400-meter ships, 28 large yachts, and 560 recreational vessels and boats. Snapper Rocks and Duranbah surf peaks will also be affected by the construction.

Now, add a casino, resort hotels, six apartment sites, shops, restaurants, museum exhibition spaces, and thousands of car parking places.

Developers have tried to smooth the anger of the local surf community by promising gardens, playgrounds, a wave pool "to host international surfing competitions," a concert stage, several sports facilities, and 4,200 full-time jobs.

The Kirra Gold Coast Ocean Terminal is waiting for government support and ocean and land development approvals in order to kick off construction.

"From an environmental and coastal point of view, the implication of that is that it's going to have a lot of detriment to the social amenity of the southern end of the coast, in respect to the beach and the waves," local surfer Wayne Deane told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Sign the petition to ban a giant cruise ship terminal and marina in Kirra.

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