Sofia Mulanovich steals the 2014 Rip Curl Girls Pro

March 24, 2014 | Surfing
Sofia Mulanovich: the title was too big to fit in the picture

Sofia Mulanovich has conquered the 2014 Rip Curl Girls Pro, in San Bartolo, Peru.

Mulanovich defeated Anali Gomez, the 2013 event winner, in an all Peruvian final. The former world surfing champion collects 1000 points and 7000 dollars for the victory.

"I'm so happy to have won this contest, but I knew that I couldn't celebrate until the end of the heat because Anali surfs incredibly", explains Mulanovich.

"It was a pretty slow final, but I'm glad to have gotten my revenge against 'La Negra', who beat me last year in Punta Rocas. Now I can choose which contests I want to participate in without any pressure of having to get a good result."

The 2014 Rip Curl Girls Pro is an ASP 4-Star Qualifying Series event. At the end of the season, the six best ranked female surfers will earn a ticket to the World Championship Tour.

2014 Rip Curl Girls Pro Final:

Sofia Mulanovich (PER), 14.75 def. Anali Gomez (PER), 9.95

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