South African TV presenter dies at Jeffreys Bay

December 13, 2010 | Surfing

Jeffreys Bay: South Africa's most crowded wave

Matthew Stewardson, actor and former Idols presenter, has collapsed and died while surfing at Jeffreys Bay.

The South African TV presenter was learning how to ride waves when he lost his life. Apparently, Stewardson may have died of heart attack, only one day before his 36th anniversary.

"He was not ill at all - he had a history of drug abuse and he was on the road to recovery again but maybe, you never know if it was interrelated. I spoke to him two hours before he died and he was at his happiest", said his sister Joanne Pienaar Stewardson.

Police says he collapsed on the beach and died at 3pm, last Friday. After overcoming a long drug addiction, Matthew Stewardson had recovered and got back to the entertaining business.

If you're about to take on surfing or other sport after many years without exercise, make sure to check up your physical form with your personal doctor.

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