Gaviota Coast: the last pearl of Southern California | Photo: William B. Dewey

The Surfrider Foundation is raising funds to film "The Twenty", a surf documentary about the battle to defend the Gaviota Coast, one of California's last great surfing places.

Nearly 280 of the 300 miles of southern California's once unspoiled coastline have been lost forever to development. The remaining 20 miles of unspoiled, rural coastline may are the last pearl of the Californian shores.

To keep the dream of having the Gaviota Coast natural and alive, it's important to document it to film and show it to the world.

The effort to protect the Gaviota Coast's incredible biodiversity and unparalleled scenic beauty has been up for 20 years.

"The Twenty" promises to feature Surfrider's battle to preserve this threatened area from development and urban sprawl together, with past and present stories about how it was possible to protect it.

The idea is simple. Let's battle for the permanent preservation of the Gaviota Coast, forever, by creating the Gaviota Coast Legal Defense Fund to support ongoing legal expenses. Visit and support "The Twenty" project.

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