Specific surf training for different wave types

April 23, 2014 | Surfing
Joel Parkinson Pro Surf Training: this app will make you sweat

"Joel Parkinson Pro Surf Training" is a mobile phone app with 30 programs and over 150 surfing specific exercises to make you a stronger, faster, better surfer.

Joel Parkinson and Wes Berg have teamed up to produce a smartphone application which allows you to prepare your body for different wave needs.

From long point breaks to big barrels, and perfect beach breaks, the app has different programs so you can train and improve in the types of waves you want to surf.

Each exercise replicates the body movements used in surfing so what you do in the gym directly translates to the way you perform in the water.

The app focus on core strength, leg power, and balance. It is designed to give all surfers, from beginners through to experts, the tools and confidence to be the best surfer they can be.

Record workouts, track your progress and let friends know what sessions you have completed. "Joel Parkinson Pro Surf Training" is available for iOS and Android.

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