Stan Couper's wife Vi and daughter Gail

Stan Couper was today posthumously inducted into the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame at Surf World, Torquay.

Vi Couper, Stan’s wife was on hand to accept the Inductee trophy along with daughter Gail and son Geoffrey. Stan Couper is the 31st Inductee into the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame and now joins his daughter Gail Couper who was inducted in 2000.

1988 Australian Surfing Hall of Fame Inductee Wayne Lynch presented the trophy to Vi on behalf of the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame along with Gail Couper.

Geoffrey Couper spoke on behalf of the family ‘offering his thoughts on his father and his love of surfing’.

The induction ceremony was attended by a number of those who have had a bearing on the development of surfing including former Australian Surfing Association President Tony Olsen, Rip Curl’s Brian Singer amongst others.

Joe Sweeney who crafts the timber Induction trophy spoke about Stan’s passion not just for surfing but his love of other sports and the region. Also sharing his thoughts on Stan and his contribution to surfing was a local legend and Inductee Wayne Lynch.

The induction of Stan Couper previews the upcoming Australian Surfing Awards incorporating the Hall of Fame which is to be held on Tuesday 3rd March at the Stars Room at Twin Towns Services Club in Coolangatta.

This awards ceremony is to recognize individuals and organizations that have made contributions to the surfing industry in a number of areas including performance, administration, culture, movies, and photos.

These awards will also feature the induction of another “major contributor” to surfing.

The awards will also feature the presentation of the inaugural Stan Couper Administration Award and the Peter Troy Lifestyle Award.


Stan Couper was instrumental in the development of Surfing in Australia and his induction recognizes his “significant contribution” to the development of surfing.

Stan was a Surfing Australia President (then Australian Surfriders Association) and long-time Victorian President and office-bearer, outstanding administrator, contest director, and judge in the 60s and early 70s. 

Credited with documenting Australian Surfriders Association rules and being a major force for stability during a period of competition development plus the emergence of country soul surfing which questioned competition relevance.

Influential in the establishment and maintenance of the first surfing reserve for surfers’ exclusive use, the Bells Beach Surfing Recreation Reserve.

He was also a major contributor to the administration of the World Surfing Championships in 1970 at Bells Beach.

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