Stephanie Gilmore conquers 2011 Roxy Pro in Biarritz

July 15, 2011 | Surfing
Stephanie Gilmore: hello victories, I missed you

Stephanie Gilmore has won the Roxy Pro, in Biarritz today. It's the first victory of the season for the Australian surfer girl. She beat the freshly crowned 2011 ASP Women’s World Champion Carissa Moore, in good quality three-foot (one meter) waves.

Gilmore managed to take the final’s lead after a series of waves and added the 19th event win to her career with a solid 17.27 point heat result.

"Today was unbelievable because so much has gone down", Roxy Pro winner Gilmore said. "In my perfect world somebody would be crowned world champ and I would take the win and that is what I dreamt about. It feels so good. I missed it so much this year. I am so happy right now."

Gilmore came to Biarritz relaxed, bringing her stylish forehand attack, on-the-rail cutback and vertical top-turn lethal weapons to make her way through to the final and win the event, a win with a special taste ahead of wunderkid and favorite Moore.

"Her turns out there were really strong and I thought she was surfing better than me but I got a little head dip and it was the excitement of everything", Gilmore added. "It feels good to beat her and she has definitely raised the bar for all the girls this year. She is definitely the strongest of everyone this whole year".

Carissa Moore showed great consistency and mental strength during the nerve-racking world title showdown all week and came short of only 1.77 points in Biarritz.

"It’s been a great event and I was just smiling during the whole final", an ecstatic Moore said. "It’s probably the heat I’ve spoken in most in my career and we were just enjoying our time out there with Stephanie. The waves were fun and I am just super stoked to be here in Biarritz."

Surfing a sixth final in six events, a premiere in the ASP history, youngest ever ASP Women’s World champion Moore adds another record to her already outstanding young career and will be celebrating the first world title for a Hawaiian in 30 years, since Margo Oberg’s crowning in 1981.

Roxy Pro 2011 | Final

1. Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) 17.27
2. Carissa Moore (HAW) 15.50