Belharra: Jamie Mitchell tastes the power of the Black Swell

The "Black Swell", courtesy of Winter Storm Hercules, has spilled giant waves over the European shores.

Belharra, Mullaghmore Head, Peniche, and Roca Puta were some of the best surf spots, during the historical swell that hit the Old Continent.

Surfers, jet ski rescuers and media professional did what they had to do. The result speaks for itself. Giant waves, paddle performances and breathtaking video sequences.

Let's take a look at the best footage from the 6th and 7th January, 2014. Ladies and gentlemen, tighten your leashes and welcome to Europe.

A great video edit by Vincent Kardasik. The pros get ready to challenge a fired up Belharra, during the infamous "Black Swell". It's the victory of paddle over tow-in.

A memorable day for Shane Dorian, Jamie Mitchell, Grant "Twiggy" Baker, Peyo Lizarazu, Benjamin Sanchis, Stéphane Iralour and more, at the Belharra reef, on the Bay of Biscay, in France.

Shane Dorian, from Kona, Hawaii, paddles into a huge wave at Belharra Reef, on the Bay of Biscay, in France.

Roca Puta, a big wave surf spot located in the Basque Country, only breaks a few time in the year. But when it breaks, it's heaven on Earth.

The story of a big wave surfing day, at Roca Puta, in 60 seconds. Get ready for perfect 16-foot wave faces.

Near the Portuguese town of Peniche, the islet of Papoa, have proven that there are big waves everywhere in this country, besides Nazaré.

Mullaghmore Head is the jewel of Irish big wave riding. Andrew Cotton, Kurt Rist, Ollie O'Flaherty, Peter Conroy, Nic Von Rupp and friends didn't miss the "Black Swell" and scored XXL bombs in County Sligo.

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