Subi Surf Park: Australia's first Wavegarden might be built in Perth | Photo: SSP

A joint-venture between the Wave Park Group and the MJA Studio wants to transform the Domain Stadium into an artificial surf pool, in Subiaco, Perth, Western Australia.

The Subiaco Oval, the highest capacity stadium in Western Australia and home to the West Coast Eagles, will be demolished in the upcoming years. However, the whole area might change forever if plans for a man-made surf stadium gets the green light.

"Our vision is to create an inclusive urban landmark where residents and guests experience life changing moments, have clean fun, get fit and feel connected through a shared passion of respect for each other and the planet," explain the architects behind MJA Studio.

"Subi Surf Park will deliver the highest quality man-made waves on the planet, and the most authentic surfing experience for new and existing surfers of all ages, experience and ability."

The team behind Subi Surf Park plans to install a Wavegarden lagoon surrounded by restaurants, bars, cafes, a dedicated market hall and plaza, hospitality and wellness venues, up to 200 dual-aspect apartments, a permanent home for the West Australian Football Hall of Fame, and a new elevated public parkland with views over Subiaco, Kings Park and the Perth city.

The developers believe that the Subi Surf Park can attract 300,000 visitors per year. The 120 million dollar project may be approved in early 2016.

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